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Vol. 27 (66), № 4. 2014
Juridical Sciences

 Theory of Law and State, History of State and Law; constitutional law and constitutional process.

Karalkina T. V.  
The Improvement of Legal Work of Higher Educational Institutions

Kashchenko S. G., Taran P. E.
Law in Ancient Hebrew State

Koshman V. А.
About Question of Nomadic Statehood in Comparison with Settled

Kyrаbzеvа А. P.
Liquidation of the Hetman System of военного Justice and Organization of Courts Martial in Russia in XVIII of Century

Serdyk V. O.
The Role of Judicial Legislation in the Process of Judicial Reform Fulfillment in Ukraine

Sorokin R. A.
Recreation of United Russia as the Main Objective of the Crimean Regional Government Under the Chairmanship of Solomon Krym

Sharmoyants A. N.
Features of the Constitution of the Republic of Crimea

Labor law and environmental law

Gerasimenko V. A.
Land and Agrarian Raiding in the Crimea

Kyselova O. I., Semenova A. V.
Historical Prerequisites of Formation of the Modern Labor Legislation and its Comliance to a Modern Level of Development of the Labor Relations in Ukraine

Sonin O. E.
The Direction of Improvement of Legislation to Protect the Rights of the Employer

Administrative law and finance

Kunitskaya O. M.
General Legal Characteristic of Forms (Means) Public-Private Partnership in Republic of Belarus
Makuhin A. A.
The historical and legal aspect of value-added tax formation and development in Russian Federation

Yamnenko T. M.
To Question of Legal Adjusting of Realization of Tasks of State Financial Control in а Sphere of Money Circulation

Criminal Law and Criminology

Bugayev V. A.
The Object of Causing Damage to Property by Deception or Abuse of Trust

Voloshin I. A.
Analysis of the Functional Relationships of Legal Norms  in the Criminal Legislation of Russia

Gubanov E. V.
Fight Against Trafficking in Women and Children: International Legislation and non-Governmental Organizations

Gumerov T. A.
Crime in the Youth Environment: Analysis of the Reasons, Investigation, Prevention

Midlovets M. V.
History of Criminal Legislation on Sexual Offenses  (Crimes Against Sexual Freedom and Inviolability of Person) in the Crimea During the Soviet Period (1922–1991)

Olkov S. G.
Legal and Mathematical Model of the Law System, Legal Relations and Legal Liability

Оstrovskyi А. А.
Regulation of Sewing of Clothing in the Correctional Prisoner Separations of the Russian Empire

Sibileva A. U.
Legal and Practical Measures For Arrangement of Prison Labor in the Taurida Governorate in 1850s – 1860s.

Skvortsova O. V.
Pecularities of the Subject of Crimes Against the Interests of Service in Commercial and Other Organizations

Stolyarskiy O. V.
Basic Doctrinal Approaches on the Concept of War Crimes in International Law

Criminal procedure and criminalistics

Birjukov V. V., Birjukova T.P.
The Informational Bottoms of Fact-Finding of Crimes

Koshman A. V.
Comparative Analysis of the Powers of the Prosecutor in Criminal Procedure in the States of CNS

Moiseev A. M.
The Providing of Information Security During Interrogation of Expert in the Mode of Videoconference

International law

Klimenko K. P.
International Legal Regulation of the Fight Against Hiv/Aidsin the end of XX Century