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Vol. 26 (65), № 2-1 (p.2) 2013
Juridical Sciences

Biyak O.O.
Statistical Analysis of Problem of Counteraction to Violence in Family

Bodnarchuk O.H.
Occupation Rotation of Staff as one of the Areas of Straggle With Corruption

Bozhko Y.V.
As for the Question Concerning Improving Legal Regulation of Tax Disputes' Adjustment in Administrative Procedure

Volik V.V.
Role of Local Government in Regulation of the Relations in the Sphere of Management City Transport

Grytsai I. О.
Improve Migration Legislation of Ukraine in the Context of the Level of European Integration

Diorditsa I.V.
In Relation to Determination of Cognizance of Spores to Administrative Courts: Urgent Questions of Judicial Practice of Present Time

Zadereyko A.V.
Problematic Regulatory Aspects of Information Flows in the Virtual Internet Environment and the Tendencies of its Development

Kozachock I. Ya.
Problems of Administrative and Legal Regulation of Safety in Current Conditions

Makukhin O. O.
The Concept of Corruption in Ukraine and the EU: ComparativE Analysis, Administrative and Legal Aspects

Okopnik О. М.
Theoretical Bases of the Mode of the Special Territories of Ukraine: Concept and Kinds

Olijnyk I.L.
ProfessionaL Development of Civil Servants

Politova A. S.
Geography of Corruption is in Ukraine

Pochinok K. B.
Administrative and Legal Reform Principles of Modern Technical Regulation

Rozhenko D. V.
Preliminary Proceedings and its Significance for JudiciaL Consideration of Administrative Case in Order of Written Proceedings

Romanyuk L. V.
Problems for Improvement of Certain Forms of Customs Control, as an Indispensable Component of Ukraine's Customs Policy

Synelnykova G. V.
Community Redevelopment as one of the Aspects of Administrative and Legal Childhood Protection

Stepanenko K. V.
Administrative-Legal Support of Rights and Freedoms of Citizens of Ukraine Abroad: Problems and Ways of Improvement

Stukalenko О. V.
Administrative and Legal Aspects of Standardization in Construction Field of Ukraine: Current State

Surnyk V. M.
Innovative Technologies in thE Activities of the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine: Current State and Prospects

Fedotova I. O.
Current Issues of Implementation Subjects rights of Customs Legal Relation on the Example of Customs Intermediaries

Khokhuliak V. V.
Conceptions of Reformation the State's Financial System in the First Half ХІХ Century and Their Influence Are on Becoming of Domestic Science of Financial Law

Balobanova D. O.
The Correlation of Concepts «Dynamics» and «Development» in Context of the Research of the Dynamics of Criminal Law

Bugayev V. А.
The Object of Causing Damage to Property by Decep-Tion or Abuse of Trust

Gorbachova I. M.
Current State and Prospects of Development of Compensation Measures in the Criminal Law of Ukraine

Datsiuk V. B.
The Influence of «Trust Fever» on the Spread of Criminogenic Processes in the Sphere of Corporate Relations in Ukraine

Dobrorez I. A.
Criminological Characteristics and Drug Crime Prevention in Ukraine

Dubno T. V.
Tне Method of the Crime Formulated With the Help of Evaluative Concepts in the Criminal Code of Ukraine

Kirichenko G. V.
Criminal Legal Prevention of Illicit Trafficking of Narcotic Drugs

Kobetska N. R.
The Ecologization of Criminal Law: CurrenT Status, Prospects and Proposals

Larchenko M. O.
The use of Criminological Modeling to Identify Trends Latency

Maliarova V. О.
Definition of Crimes Against Morality in Sexual Relations Through the Prism of Contemporary International Law

Melnychuk T. V.
Threats of Criminological Security of Public Procurement

Mishchenko T. M.
Particular Issues oF Organized Criminality With Corruption Links, Methods and Ways of Their Elimination

Movsisian H.M.
The death penalty as a punishment in norway in the XVIIth-XIXth centuries

Polyansky Е. Yu.
Notion of a Legal Doctrine, it's Place and Value in U.S. Criminal Law

Skvortsova O. V.
The Genesis of Criminal Responsibility and Punishment for Economic Crimes in the Criminal Legislation of Ukraine in the XX Century and at the Present Stage

Fedchun N. O.
The Definition and the System of Crimes Against the Maritime Safety

Chramov S. M.
Sociological Methods of Measuring Latency Criminality

Shulyak Y. L.
Pickpocketing: Foreign Experience

Antipova O. I.
The Role of the Subject of Proof in a Criminal Trial of Ukraine

Bilyaev V. A.
About the Necessity of the Legislative Fixing of Questions, Related to Opening of Crimes (to on by the Results of Analysis of Activity of Subdivisions of Criminal Search of Organs oF Internal Affairs of Ukraine)

Vladimirova Y. K.
The Representation of Juveniles During Criminal Procedures in Russia

Glovyuk I. V.
The FunctionaL Focus of the Investigating Judge Activity

Emelyanov S. L.
Privacy of the Investigation and Legal Proceedings in Ukraine

Krainuk V. H.
House Arrest as Measure of Restraint in Criminal Production

Leonenko M. I., Blokhin G. I.
The Initial Time of Course for the Reasonable Term of Criminal Proceedings

Nedobor I. V.
Using Operative – Search Information in the Process of Proving in Obedience to the new Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine

Stepanov Y. V.
Use of Computer During the Operational Search Activities

Stepaniuk R. L.
Problems of Modernization of Private Criminalistic Methods at the Present Stage of Development of the Criminal Procedure in Ukraine

Teliychuk V. G.
Operational and Investigative Forecasting as a way to Identify Organized Crime Groups

Tytov A. M., Tyutyunnik T. V.
Some Aspects of Expert Interrogation in Criminal Proceedings

Tytova N. V.
As a Lawyer Witnesses During the Search

Shvydkova O. V.
Procedural Powers of OperationaL Units at the Stage of Preliminary Investigation

Poklonska O. U., Kompaneytsev S. V.
Professiograme Advocacy and Professionalism of the Lawyer: the Concept and Essence

Bogma A. V.
International Legal Standards of the Right to Free Legal Assistance and Their Implementation in Legislation of Ukraine

Halahan O. Ya.
The use of Satellite Navigation and Communication Technologies: International Legal Issues

Zalij T. V.
On the Eligibility Criteria for Complaints of the European Court of Human Rights

Raskaley M. A.
International Air Transportations. Ukrainian Aspect

Rzhevskaya V. S.
The political and legal ideas of pierre dubois from the viewpoint of collective security

Nagrabova L. V.
Aspects of the Relation of Right and Law in the Views of J. Bentham