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Vol. 26 (65), № 2-1 (p.1) 2013
Juridical Sciences

Aksenova О. N.
Legal and Educational Influence of Legal Clinics on Formation of Legal Culture of the Future Lawyers

Ienilieieva A. Е.
Basic approaches to the history of the principle of proportionality

Zelenko I. P.
Place Presumptions in the Mechanism of Regulation

Zmerzla E. P.
Establishment of the Regulatory Framework of the Legal Position of Crimean Tatars in the Russian Empire in the Late XVIII – Early XIX Century

Ivanskii V. P.
Scientific and Technical Progress, Law and Order and Legal Thinking

Ivanova I. S.
The Crimea in Politics of the Ukrainian central Rada in Relation to Determination and Forming of the Territory of Ukraine

Klymenko V. F.
Genesis Legal Dispute Reform on land Modern Ukraine Since the Middle XIV Century to the 1st Half of XVII

Koliadina N. H.
Тhe Historical Stages of Development of the Teachings About the Claim and the Right of Action on the Territory of Modern Ukraine

Komarov O. D.
Concerning Mistake of Fact and Mistake of Law Delimitation

Kryvtsova I. S.
Idealized Object as a Component Scientific Theory (Terminological Aspects)

Kurylo M. P.
Procedural Law of Ukraine and Possibilities of its Unification: Methodological Aspect

Lodzhuk M. T.
On the Forms of Assistance in Legal Clinics in Ukraine

Lukyanov D. V.
Legal System and the State: Relationship Categories

Nimetullaeva S. S.
Development of Legal Frameworks of Activity of Orphan Courts in the Tavricheskoy Province in the Second Half ХIХ Beginning ХХ in

Potylchak B. O.
Staffing of the Supreme Court of Ukrainian SSR (1943 – 1945)

Sibileva A. U.
Organization of Treatment of Prisoners in the Prisons of Taurida Province in ХІХ Century

Skomorovskyi V. B.
Legal Aspect of the 1922 Treaty on the Creation of the USSR

Taran P. Y., Zmerzly B. V.
Establishment and activity of customs offices in siberia, far east and middle asia from the second half of the XVIII century to beginning of the XIX century

Tolstenjova V. О.
Postwar NationaL Policy of Soviet Power and its Influence on the Processes of Resettlement in the Crimea

Trihlib K. O.
Rule of Law: Modern Interpretations

Fedunov V. V.
Regulation ХІХ of Land Relations in Yalta at the Organization of Imperial Resort

Shalinska I. V.
Subjects of «Soft Law»

Bed V. V.
The Right to Profess any Religion as a Part of Freedom of Conscience: Ukraine and International Experience

Kulinich O. A.
The Nature and Importance of Education in the Development F Modern Society and the State

Ovcharenko O. M.
Legal Liability of the Judges of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine

Sadovska O. V.
An Effective Remedy in the Context of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms: Theoretical Understanding and Empirical Application

Cherviatsova A. O.
Free Speech and Press Freedom: Their Relationship in Different Legal Systems

Antonenko-Kulichenko N. S.
Types Will Document Existing in International Private Law and the Legislation of Belarus

Boiarskyi I. D.
Overriding Mandatory Rules in Private International Law of Ukraine: Manner of Application and Methodological Pertaining

Dikovska I. A.
The Parties’ Freedom to Conclude Contracts Unstipulated by the Legislation: Approaches of Some Countries

Dmitrishin V. S.
About Some non-Traditional Forms of Permits for the use of Intellectual Property Rights

Javoronkova G. V.
Features of Special Regulations of Domestic law in the Context of Most Favorable National Treatment of wto Member-Countries

Zhelihovska J. V.
Concept, Legal Nature and the Distinction Between «Inheritance Presentation»

Kolotilova I. O.
Violations of Procedural Law as the Grounds Quashing of the Judgment

Kochkodan I. V.
The System of Measures of Civil Responsibility for the Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights

Mozharovska K. V.
A Right on an Answer as Method of Defence of Honour, Dignity and Business Reputation of Public Person

Samoilov M. О.
Conflict Questions of Ukrainian Legislation of Regarding Property Inheritance by Foreign Citizens

Syrko M. V.
Legal Regulation of Inheritance by the Code Napoleon Bonaparte 1804 R.

Urazova A. A.
Questions to Differentiation Category of «Failure» from Other Related Concepts

Khudoba V. N.
Some of the Problematic Issues of Drainage Court in Civil Proceedings and ways of Solving Them

Adabashev T. K.
Some Features of Governmental Regulation of Payment Systems in Ukraine

Golina O. V.
The Classification of Contracts with Service Provision in the Economic Sphere

Dobrovolskaya V. V.
The Contractual Control in the Sphere of Foreign Economic Activity

Nikolenko L. M.
Review of Judicial Acts in the Remedy in Economic Judicial Proceedings of Ukraine

Novikova N. I.
Legal Regulation of Activity of Security Service of the Enterprise as Making its Economic Safety

Danilina Y. S.
Features Defining the Criteria for Representativeness of the Subjects and the Trade Union Side of Employers in Ukraine

Nyskohuz N. B.
On the Origin of the old age Pension Security Substantive Legal Relations

Rabinovych M. L.
World Priorities in Mental Health Protection: to the Prospect of Adopting the Framework For State policy on Mental Health Protection in Ukraine for 2014 – 2018

Tishchenko E. V.
The Problems of the Social Security of Children of war in Ukraine

Biriukova N. N.
Harmonization of Legislation of Ukraine and European Unionis in the Field of Providing of Nuclear Safety

Gafurova О. V., Murzhak A. S.
Legal Problems of Preschool Education in the Countryside

Elkin S. V.
Features of the Implementation of on Land Plots Agricultural Landscapes

Kostyashkin I. О.
On the Question of the Social Function of Land Ownership as a Condition for Rational Land use in Ukraine

Pasechnik О. S.
Comparative Legal Analysis of Agrarian Reform Foreign Countries in Modern Science Agrarian Law

Poddubnyi A. U.
Problem of Ratio Between Branch and Functional Categories in Systematization of the Legal Relations in Field of Biotechnology

Ryshkova L. V., Donets O. V.
In Historical Legal Regulation of Valuable Land in Ukraine

Shevchenko V. V.
Essence of the Principle of Freedom of Contract and its Importance in Ukraine ‘s Land Rights