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Vol. 26 (65), № 2-2 2013
Juridical Sciences

Gavrylenko O. A.
Legal Regulation of Precious Metals’ Manufacture and Turnover in Ukrainian Provinces of the Russian Empire (the end of the XIX-early ХХ Century)

Dunas O. I.
Scientific Approaches to Defining Social Nature of Law

Yepur M. V.
System and Kinds of Penalties in Ukrainian Law of the Second Half XVII-XVIII Centuries

Kuzmenko V. B.
Legal Regulation of International Relations: on the Research Methodology

Mayik I. S.
Self Regulation of the Legal Relations Within the State

Nekiga S. N.
Сompromise as a Component of the Mechanism of Action of Law

Ozernyuk G. V.
Insurance Relationships in the Middle Ages Period

Pasichnichenko S. V.
Social Policy and Social Justice

Poddubniak A. A.
The Functioning of the Medical law as Academic Discipline

Tishchenko E. V.
Systematization of Social-Security Legislation of Ukraine

Umanskyi S. O.
Problems of Realization of the Right to Speech Freedom and Press in Ukraine at the Initial Stage of the Struggle for Soviet Power (December 1917 - april 1918)

Zavorotchenko T. N.
The Content of the System and Types of Political Rights and Freedoms of Man and Citizen

Cherevkovа O. S.
The Right to Life: an Analysis of the Current State in Terms of Legal Thanatology

Vinichenko Yu. V.
Concept «Circulation» in Private Law of Russia and Ukraine

Zaporozhchenko A. А.
The Euthanasia and Close to its Departure from the Forms of life: a Comparative Aspect

Zubchevskaya E. V.
Ukrainian Legislation Dealing with Arbitral Adjudication: Current Status and Characteristics

Kalaur I. R.
Scope Changes Contractual Obligations to the Transfer of Property in USE: Some Civil Aspects

Reznikova H. I.
The Essence, Types and Classification of Methods of Disclosure of the Professional Secresy

Kushch L. I., Bolotov A. V.
To the Question of Legal Support of Development of new Organizational and Legal Forms of Entities in the Sphere of Medical Service

Poiedynok V. V.
Legal Regime of the Industrial Parks in Ukraine

Kirichenko Т. M.
Refurbished Justice as one of the Areas of Improvement of Labor Legislation of Ukraine in the International Standards

Kolosov I. V.
Comparative Analysis of Оrdinary Procedure in Civil and Labour Cases in Ukraine and Russian Federation

Voloshchenko-Vislobokova O. M.
Content Ownership Monasteries of Land in left Bank Ukraine in XVII-XVIII Centuries

Zhukov I. N.
The Problematic legal-Asking Questions of Geological Bowel ExplOration Information

Obijuh N. M.
The Human Right to Drinking Water: Development Trends and Implementation of the Safeguards

Piddubna D. S.
Securing of Rights for Users is for high-Quality and Safe Agricultural Produce from the Genetically Modified Organisms: Theoretical AND Practical Measuring

Vasilyeva E. G.
New Rules of Control and Determination of Market Prices Between Related Parties for the Purposes of Taxation of Controlled Transactions (Transfer Pricing) in the Russian Federation

Evsikova E. V.
The Ministry of the Taxable Income and Collecting Ukraine and its Territorial Authorities as Subject of Legal Relationship, Which Arise by Consideration of Customs and tax Cases in Administrative Courts of Ukraine

Pustovit Yu.Yu.
Principles of Formation of Financial Resources of Ukraine

Reshetnik A. R.
Administrative and Legal Status of Public Servants in Ukraine

Rozum O. N., Kosytsa O. A.
Problems of Information Security in Organs of the Ministry of Income and Charges of Ukraine

Rudenko A. V.
Рroviding Rights and Freedoms of Citizens in Administrative Legal Procedure

Selezniova O. M.
Internet Law and its Place in the Systems of Information Law

Chenkova N. Ya.
Role of Judicial Practice and Precedent in Ensuring the Principle of Equality Before the Law and Justice in Administrative Judiciary

Chorna O. V.
Legislation of Custom Affair as Sector of National Legislation of Ukraine

Bunin O. Yu.
Justice of Criminal Law

Siyploki M. V.
Discussion Questions the Characteristics of Object of Bringing Person Known to be Innocent to Criminal Responsibility are Defined

Chebotareva G. V.
Methodological Principles of Study Problems Criminal Protection Order in the Sphere Medical Activity

Yas A. О.
Some Aspects of Mental Element in Crime Under Rule 157 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine

Yashchenko A. N.
Replacement and Mitigation of Punishment as an Element of Application of Punitive Measures Under Criminal Law

Vaschuk O. P.
Tactics Using non-Verbal Information During the Investigative (Detective) Action

Zabolotnyi I. I.
Judicial Control in the Mechanism of Human Rights During the Period of Preventive Measures Application in the Form of Detention

Komisarchuk R. V.
Criminalistics Description of Suggestion or Grant of Illegal Benefit. Opening of Criminal roduction

Marchenko K. G.
Organizational and Legal Algorithm of Suspending Investigation

Nichiporenko A. A.
The Public Basis in Procedure of Verification of Effective Court Decisions in the Criminal Proceedings in Ukraine and Russia: Comparative Analysis

Rybalka O. V.
Development Institute of Mediation as a Tool in the Context of Restorative Justice Reform of Criminal Procedural Law of Ukraine

Sergieieva D. B.
About Correlation of Concepts «Judicial Proofs», «Pre-Trial Proofs» and «Judicial Proofs» in Criminal Procedure of Ukraine

Sopilnyk R. L.
Theory and Practice Reform of the Judicial Control During the Pretrial Investigation

Chornousko M. V.
Prosecutorial Supervision in the Form of Procedural Governance pre-Trial Investigation as a Guarantee of Realising the Rights of Criminal Proceeding Participants

Shapovalova V. S.
The Concept of Weapondelictics as basic Distinct Teaching of the Criminalistics

Shevchuk V. M.
The Problem of Formalization of Forensic Knowledge and Their Application to Investigation Activity

Bondarenko A. N.
Property Sequestration as a Procedural Form of Ensuring of Persons’ Participation in the Pre-trial Investigation Process

Dondyk H. P.
Features of Research Process in Conducting Commission and Comprehensive Forensic Examination

Rudei V. S.
Features of Formation of the High Council of Justice

Stolyarskiy O. V.
Role of the uno in Fight Against the Transnational Organized Crime

Paskar A. L.
Legal Regulations of Order Implementation Solution of European Court of Human Rights

Yakubovskaya N. A.
International law of Development. Institutional Component