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Vol. 26 (65), № 1. 2013
Juridical Sciences

Adelseitova A., Alimova G.
Labour Migration: Questions of Improving the Legislation of Ukraine
In the work is considered the modern state of the legislative base of Ukraine in the field of labour migration of citizens abroad, expose problems in the legislation and mechanism of providing observance of the labourmigrants rights and develop recommendations on their improvement and also determine features of legal status of Ukrainian labour migrants and state of observance of their rights and freedoms.

Aleksieieva O.Y.
Administrative Aspects of Holding All-Ukrainian Referendum in Ukraine
The article comprises research of the law that governs the procedure for All-Ukrainian referendum in Ukraine, as well as new aspects of the procedure for All-Ukrainian referendums, according to the new passed law in comparison to the Constitution and the law, that regulated issues of All-Ukrainian referendums and lost its effect. The article emphasizes the fact that adoption of the new law will have positive effect on All-Ukrainian referendums as a form of identification of direct democracy in the country, despite the fact that none All-Ukrainian referendum has been hold in Ukraine during the last decade, and therefore it is impossible to argue that the law was adopted on the basis of experience gained in holding such referendums.

Andreev D. V.
Machinery of Justice in Retrospective Review of Forming of Public Opinion
This article investigates the dynamic process of justice, starting with the ancient "deterrence effect" in the abstract consciousness field when the effectiveness of a penalty is not in its visual appeal, but above all in the sense of its unavoidability. In addition, the article investigates methods of enforcement of criminal justice. Particular attention is given to the machinery of justice in retrospective review of forming of public opinion that arises, forms and operates as a set of value judges.

Anokhin A.N.
About Understanding of a Legal Regulation as a Special Form of Societal Control
Problems of social control as a complex systematic formation are considered in the article. Legal regulation is researched as an separate form of societal control, which embodies essential controlling features and which combines its structural-statistically and functional-dynamically parameters.

Zalozny N. U.
The Islamic Concept of a State and the Formation of the Ottoman (Turkish) Emirate
Problems that have been examined in the article are connected with the formation of the Ottoman (Turkish) Emirate during gazavat which in late XIII - beginning of XIV century the Islamic semi nomad Turkmenian tribes waged against Christian Byzantium. It is shown that the Islamic concept of a state made a crucial impact on the process of formation of the nation-building.

Latysheva E. V.
Personal Insurance in a Number of Categories of Soviet Office Workers and Workings Industrial Enterprises in UKRAINE in 20 – 30 ХХ in.
Topicality of this research is in analysis of the process of formation of life insurance system of a number of categories of Soviet officials and intellectuals, workers of industrial enterprises in Ukraine, as well as the passengers and the military personnel. The story of formation and functioning of Soviet system of life insurance began in 1922, insurance operations started in March 1924. Emerging Soviet system of life insurance indicated some inherent contradictions in the development of this type of insurance; regardless of insurance form (personal or group), it born signs of mandatory insurance payments, though being voluntary, as payments were charged from salaries and wages of office and industrial workers. Insurance was understandable, though it was not a priority, so in 1920s it did not find mass support among mentioned categories of the population. In the 1930s radical changes took place in the structure of insurance organizations as well as in conditions and types of insurance to involve more population in it, but it only led to centralization of insurance payments. New regulations of life insurance assigned responsibilities of State insurance company and conditions of redemption.

Maltseva E.
Comparative Analysis of Enforcement Proceedings in Ukraine and other Countries
In this article the specific organization of enforcement proceedings in Ukraine and abroad is considered. Allocated centralized and decentralized enforcement. Clarify the features of functional specialization of enforcement and determined the ratio of centralization and decentralization to the structural - functional level and at the level of regulatory enforcement.

Sharmoyants A.N.
Prospects of Development of Rulemaking in Crimea
This article analyzes the prospects for improving the rulemaking activities of Crimea in the context of regional policy in Ukraine. Analyzed some aspects of rulemaking autonomous entities of the Russian Federation and considered the possibility of using the experience of such activity in improving the rulemaking AK Crimea.

Bekirova E.E.
Improvement of the Legal Status of a Full Partnership
The article is devoted to the improvement of the legal status of a full partnership. The existing domestic and foreign scientific views on the nature and legal status of a full partnership. Provides the legal nature of a full partnership, set forth the definition of a full partnership as a form of corporate enterprise. The improved legal status of a full partnership regulated by law the possibility of creating a full partnership with the rights and no rights of legal entities.

Donskaya L.
Casual Relationship at Rail Transportation Institute
The author analyses a relationship of cause and effect at rail transportation institute. Formulates corresponding conclusions and recommendations concerning modification of separate articles of the special statutory acts regulating transportation.

Elkin S.
Legal Support of Landscape Area Organization
The questions of legal support of planning in landscape area organization, features of the legal landscape to ensure organization of the territory, the legal requirements for the organization of the territory of the landscape in the proposed Law of Ukraine "On regulation of urban development" model of regulation of land relations in urban planning. are considered in the article. Defined legal components of the mechanism «landscape organization of the territory». The author 's concept of «landscape organization of the territory».

Karetnik E.S.
Ukrainian Trade Name Legislation: Problems and Improvement Prospects
The article addresses the main problems which emerge when exercising the trade name right. The contents of the trade name right are analysed and conclusions are made about the time of its origin, subject structure, conditions of providing legal protection, as well as about the conditions of alienation and termination of the trade name right. Suggestions are made as to improvement of the legislation by way of introducing new provisions and correcting the effective ones.

Nоsik V.V.
Land trusts: Theory and Practice
The theoretical and practical issues of legal nature of fiduciary and trust in the implementation of the right of private ownership of land, regulation of public relations for the use and protection of land for agricultural purposes on the basis of trust agreements and trust are investigated.

Romanyuk L.V.
Characteristics for Certain Elements of Administrative and Legal Status of Public Associations in Ukraine
The article analyses the definition and organizational and legal forms of public associations in Ukraine, in accordance with the latest legislation that regulates their legal status. The author analyses theoretical approaches to the definition of the public association concept, performs comparative analysis of domestic rules of law, ad the rules of law applied in the Russian Federation concerning the classification on public associations. Based on the conducted analysis the author provides an evaluation of the Ukrainian law «On Public Associations ».

Scientific Notes of Tavrida National V.I. Vernadsky University
The article is devoted to the study of law and law-making issues of compensation for harm caused by damage to the health of workers (due to diseases that are not recognized by the current legislation of the professional, but due to the existing conditions of labor). On this basis, justified proposals for resolving disputes over employees' claims for compensation for such harm and proposes changes to the acts of labor legislation.

Sitovskaya L. V.
Pravovye Relations at the Primary Mortgage Market
The autor overlooked laws concerning mortgage crediting in Ukraine. She ve got the conclusion that principles of mortgage crediting have become an essential part of Ukrainian legislation.

Sambor N.A.
Compliance with the Terms of the Case on Administrative Violation under Art. 173 (hooliganism) of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences and the Use of Administrative Detention during the Consideration of this Case
The paper examines issues related to the application of measures to ensure the proceedings on administrative violations under Art. 173 (hooliganism) of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences in the form of administrative detention. We consider issues related to compliance with the terms of the proceedings and proceedings on administrative violations under Art. 173 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences. The author proposed amendments to Articles 260, 277 the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences and the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences supplement current section 2773 «Drive».

Shurupova K.V.
Refuse in a Grant or Ill-Timed Grant of Ecological Information
In research an author exposes the problems of administrative responsibility of public servants for abandonment from a grant or ill-timed grant of ecological information. Analysing composition of offence, an author determines possibilities of improvement of administrative legislation, gives the decision of concepts of public and official servant, possibility of feasance of offence determines from a carelessness. The special attention is spared to research of positive tendencies of settlement of such types of offences in the legislation of countries-neighbours.

Borovskikh R.N.
Actual Problems of Combating Crimes in Insurance
This article issues main criminological, criminal law and criminalistics problems of combating against crimes in insurance. The article presents statistical information about results of combating against such crimes, its characteristics by degree of social hazard and classification by criminal law criteria.

Borodin V.
The Role of Situational Factors in the Organization of General Activities of the Investigator and Operatives
The effect of individual situational factors on the activities of investigators on the creation of an organizational system interacts with the operation staff during investigation of crimes.

Bugayev V.
Socially-Legal Conditionality of the Criminal Liability for Causing of Property Damage by a Deceit or Breach of Confidence
Article considers social conditionality and legal necessity of a criminally-legal interdiction for causing of a property damage by a deceit or breach of confidence in its genesis and a place of this rule of law in system of crimes operating criminal offence Ukraine.

Butkevych S. A.
The Experience of the Republic of Armenia on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing
In article the basic stages of becoming and development of the legislation and system of bodies of the Republic of Armenia are considered, authorized to carry out actions on counteraction to money laundering and financing of terrorism, and also the responsibility for infringement anti-money laundering legislation.

Burzhinski V.A.
Topical Issues of Creation Multilevel Automated Fingerprint Search Systems
The article presents the prospect of creating multilevel automated systems fingerprint registration. Are defined the methods and techniques for the construction of such systems. In terms of the current state of automation are presented the principles of operation of an automated multi-level systems for fingerprint registration.

Veligodskiy D., Veligodskaya G.
Legal Regulation of Political Parties in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea
The peculiarities of legal regulation of the ukrainian and crimean political parties and their impact on economic, political, social and national spheres of autonomy.

Maslyukov D. A., Vospyakova O. F.
Contemporaneity Tendencies of Swindle as Forms of Theft
Fraud as a form of theft in the history of Belarusian law is considered a long time. Already has extensive experience in the detection, investigation, qualification of the crime. This article discusses the most common in today ways of committing fraud.

Gubanova E. V.
(Simferopol). Criminality as Negative Aspect of Globalization
The article examines the impact of globalization on the criminalization of society. The problems of relationship of negative socio-economic manifestations of globalization and criminality are considered.

Danilenko А.V.
Some Problem Questions of Examination of Persons
In this article the authors analyze the main features of the examination of persons during the investigation of sexual offenses according to the new Code of Criminal Procedure. Also the authors characterize reasons and causes for carrying out the examination and forensic examinations of living persons.

Kashkarov О.O., Dobrorez I.O.
Collisions in Operating Anti Corruption Legislation of Ukraine
An attempt to analyze concrete problems and formulate some suggestions which are directed on providing of new level of warning of corruption and bribery. This article also presents the basic problems that exist in the current anti-corruption legislation.

Ena I. V.
By the Definition of the Structural Elements of the Criminal and Procedural Competence of the Prosecutor in the Pre-Trial Proceedings
The article contains a study of the views of legal scholars, which contain a definition of "competence" in the theory of law and the concept of criminal procedural competence in the analysis are set forth a definition of the structural elements of the criminal and procedural competence of the prosecutor in pre-trial proceedings.

Yeskov S.V.
Interception of Data from Transport Telecommunication Networks as a Form of Interference in Private Communication: System-Structural Analysis
The article examines the interception of data from transport telecommunication networks as a form of intervention in private communication by defining the internal structure of this covert investigative action. A consideration of interception of data from transport telecommunication networks through the coverage of aim and tasks, objects, subjects, internal content, result are proposed. In the conclusions definitions of these characteristics are provided.

Zaec A. M.
Kriminalysticheskaya Typology of Offences in the Field of Insurance
In this article the forensic typology of offenses in the insurance industry. Considered criminal legal descriptionof offenses in the area of insurance.The analysis of the criminal law of Ukraine and foreign countries regarding the criminal responsibility for offenses in the field of insurance.

Kalinina I. V.
Situaciyna Conditionality of Investigation of Economic Crimes, Related to the Imitation of Documents
The article studies and a comparative characteristic of various definitions the investigative situations contained in the forensic literature, clarify the values typical investigative situations and model programs investigating the investigation of crimes in the sphere of economic activities related to the forgery.

Klimenko V. F.
Novelizatsy of Some Public Prosecutor's Functions in Legal Policy of Ukraine
In the present article the author by means of a complex campaign investigates problems of reformatory process of judicial system and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, in this case one of their components prosecutor's offices. The concept and essence of legal policy of Ukraine and a prosecutor's office place in realization of this policy is given. The essence and evolution of some public prosecutor's functions through European standards reveals.

Klymenko N. I.
General and Specific Forensic Theories
The article deals with the general theory of models and specific forensic theories, the disclosure of their nature, structure, relationships and values in forensic science, analysis and comparisons of different scientific approaches to these theories. The features that characterize the system of specific forensic theories in philosophical and scientific forensic aspects is discusses.

Kravchenko А.
The Legal and Organizational Problems of Adjusting of Sudebno-Ekspertnoy Activity
The legal and organizational problems of adjusting of sudebno-ekspertnoy activity are examined in the article, attention applies on the necessity of its improvement by the increase of the legal providing and efficiency of the existent system of organization of sudebno-ekspertnoy activity.

Leonenko M.
Features Stepwise Construction of the Criminal Proceedings in the New Criminal Procedure Code
The article deals with the problematic issues of determining the structure of the stepwise construction of the criminal proceedings in the context of the current state of the criminal procedure of science and reform of the criminal procedural legislation of Ukraine. Stepwise procedure is analyzed and determined criminal subordinate relationship between the stages as the building blocks of the criminal process.

Makarov P.
Electronic Monitoring in Criminal Proceedings in Ukraine
The problems of the introduction of electronic monitoring in criminal proceedings in Ukraine, analyzed the positive and negative aspects of the application and use, the basic outlook of the process.

Mikhailov A.M.
Handling the Information during the Investigation. Setting the Issue
The article deals with the problem of improving criminalistic tactics in connection with the transition to the adversarial criminal trial. A new start to review the activities of the investigator for the protection of the collected information is offered , its transformation and disclosure tactics. Introduction of procedures covering the concept of "handling the information" will help to address this issue comprehensively and develop recommendations for practitioners with the national and international experience.

Oderiy O.V.
Object of Encroachment as an Elenment of Criminalistics Characteristic of Environmental Crimes: Certain Issues
Theoretical and terminological issues of an object of encroachment as an elenment of criminalistics characteristic of environmental crimes have been defined. It has been established that an attempt to restrict an ofject of crime to material things solely, does not correspond to the needs of contemporary judicial practice. The range and characteristic features of objects that can be targeted for encroachment in the mentioned category of crime have been considered.

Popov G.
Relationship between Prosecutors' Office and Public Authorities Concerning Children Rights and Freedom Protection
At the beginning of the article the author notify that the prosecutors' office activities combined with the public authorities activities concerning children rights and freedom protection is not enough scientifically founded, yet. The purpose of the article is to define the system of public authorities concerned with children rights and freedom protection and to define the specific signs and peculiarities for the prosecutors' office activities in the same area. To the authors' opinion the special functions of the prosecutors' office in Ukraine concerning children rights and freedom are based on the following preconditions.

  1. The prosecutors' office completed by professional lawyers (p.1 art. 46 the law of Ukraine "Concerning the procurators' office").
  2. Direct obligation for the prosecutors' office to protect rights and freedom of the persons and citizens and children, of course, are not an exclusion (p.2 art. 4 the law of Ukraine "Concerning the procurators' office").
  3. Prosecutors empowered by broad range of competences for crimes prevention, laws violation detection and reaction to all of that.
  4. Prosecutor empowered by competences for reaction acts execution assurance, as well as prosecutor has a possibility of actions in court concerning rights violations breaches and to influence low and rights violators.
  5. Lots of information concerning legality conditions is concentrated in the prosecutors' office.
  6. Prosecutor possesses coordination powers (art. 10 the law of Ukraine "Concerning the procurators' office").
  7. Prosecutors' office has a departmental scientific and methodical activities in the field assurance.

Prokopanich G. K.
Utilization the Special Knowledges in Criminal, Civil and Economic Procedure of Ukraine
The existing normative documents which regulate the application of special knowledge in criminal procedure, civil trial, commercial litigation, in particular, those which devoted to the use of special knowledge of a skilled specialist and an expert at permission of commercial disputes have been analyzed. Scientific and organization aspects of using special knowledge in criminalprocedure, commercial litigation have been generalized.

Pchelina О.V.
Official Activity as Object of Criminalistics Research
The high social danger of official crimes and the need to develop practical recommendations ofits' investigationare noticed. The features of service activity as the object of forensic investigation are described. The officialis characterized.

Sabadash, V.
Internet Fraud: Realities of the Present and Criminalistic Aspects of Counteraction
In article the current state and criminalistic aspects of counteraction to Internet fraud is considered. Statistical data concerning such criminal manifestations in the world are investigated, ways of Internet fraud, its characteristics are specified, the special organizations which are engaged in different aspects of counteraction to Internet fraud including registration of complaints to criminal acts the orientation Internet in the different states of the world, the main directions of counteraction to this criminal act reveal are noted.

Skvortsova O. V.
Humanization of Responsibility for Economic Crimes in Modern Criminal Law of Ukraine
In the article, availability of standards of humanism in the sphere of responsibility for economic crimes is analyzed on the basis of provisions of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the controversial nature of the changes in the criminal law concerning responsibility for economic crimes is determined.

Talalay D. V., Borisenko A. O.
Especially Interaction of Subjects of Official-Military Activity of Forces of Protection of The Law And Order
Established legal frameworks interaction of subjects of official-military activity of forces of protection of the law and order, describing it as tactical features. The analysis suggested ways to improve the mechanism of interaction between military forces and law enforcement agencies in the case of more complex operational environment.

Liliya Torgan.
Staging of Crime is in the System of Preparation, Feasance and Concealment of Crimes
This paper presents a scientific definition of a place staging in the forensic system of methods of preparation, perpetration, and cover-up of crimes. The stages of criminal proceedings in criminal cases are disclosed on the basis of which it is possible to determine a crime staging as a non-criminal event.

Khalillev R.A.
Ethnic Conflicts and their Relationship with the State of the Operational Environment
Examined questions of ethnic conflicts and their relationship with the state of the operational environmentand role of the police in resolving ethnic conflicts at the present stage of development of society.

Cheberyak Р.P.
Tactic of Collection and Estimation of Proofs after Criminal Realizations about Economic Crimes
The article contains a complex of theoretical and practical issues, connected with tactics collection and estimation proofs of case proceedingeconomic crimes.

Shilin D. V.
Preyudicial'nist' of Criminal-Procedural Acts and Principle of Free Estimation of Proofs
The article is devoted consideration of system conception of prejudic in criminal procedure, to determination of directions of improvement of mechanism of the use of prejudic in a criminal production. The mechanism of action of преюдиций in the process of proving in a criminal production and its connection is probed with principle of free estimation of proofs.

Shukaylo T. I.
Stanovlenie and development of Theoretical and Legal Bases of Counteraction a Corruption
This article deals with the problem of corruption. Corruption is a difficult social phenomenon which has appeared in ancient times and continues to exist nowadays practically worldwide. In article consider historical roots of the phenomenon of corruption.

Scherbakovskiy of M., Scherbakovskaya L. P.
Sostyazatel'nye began Bringing in of Expert in the Criminal Trial of Ukraine
The possibilities of the prosecution, the defense and the court to involve expert. Specifies the name of the document, under which involved expert. The advantage of the prosecution and the court to attract the expert and the collection of objects for examination. A method of fixing the evidence gathered by the defense.

Sviridov D. A.
To the Question about Essence of the Special Knowledge at Investigation of Crimes
The article is devoted to the problems of the essence of special knowledge, expertise delimitation of special knowledge. The analysis of various approaches to the given concept is done. Issues of determining the level of professional knowledge available are considered. The author's program of action the person performing the criminal proceedings, the organization of the use of specialized knowledge is offered.

Yurchenko L.
Beginning of Pretrial Investigation: Problems of Enforcement
This article analyzes the new criminal procedural legislation of Ukraine on the beginning of pretrial investigation and the problems, associated with their enforcement in practice, and suggests some ways to solve them.

Voronina Е.O.
Activity of the Kerch Quarantine District in the Second Half ХІХ – to Beginning of ХХ Item
The difficult process of proceeding in the Kerch quarantine is probed after Crimean war and condition of subsequent activity of the Kerch quarantine district in the second half ХІХ – to beginning of ХХ item Certainly him the special composition, basic directions of activity, influence on quarantine business of international sanitary conventions of ratified by the Russian empire in a probed period.

Djemilova F.S.
Improvement Legal Improvement Resolution of Corporate Disputes
The existing solutions to corporate disputes. Investigated shortcomings judicial resolution of corporate disputes, the prospects for the implementation and further development of the institution of mediation. The advantages of alternative methods of dispute resolution before the traditional address to the Commercial Court.

Radayde D. S.
Regulirovanie Coastwise Navigation Custom Establishments of the Tavricheskoy Province in ХIХ – beginning ХХ in.
In the article experience of the normatively-legal adjusting of coastwise navigation is considered on the black Sea coast of Crimea in ХIХ – beginning of ХХ age. Activity of custom establishments of region is studied to this direction; the local features of point-of-sale coastwise navigation, his role, are rotined in development of Crimea.

Burdonova H. J.
Features of Legal Status of Specially Certain Subjects of the Primary Financial Monitoring
In the article the analysis of legislation of Ukraine is conducted in relation to legal status of subjects of the primary financial monitoring, including notaries and advocates, what authorized agents to carry out the financial monitoring in the field of prevention and counteraction to legalization (laundering) of the profits got a criminal way, or financing of terrorism.

Olga G. Dobrovolskaya.
Criminal Proceedings on the Basis of the Agreement on the Recognition of Culpability, according to the New KPK Ukrainian
This article analyses the problems of formation and development of a new form of criminal proceedings, the proceedings on the basis of agreements on recognition of culpability. Procedural shortcomings are a form of proceedings and ways of its improvement.

Onischenko V.
Correlation of Legal and Social Aspect is in Non-Mandatoryness of Norms of Labour Right for Ukraine
Top dispositive law, including labor, provides freedom, freedom (right) disposal of their substantive and procedural capabilities. In this connection, it is necessary to determine the dispositive - as a "phenomenon", which is based on legal rules that define legal freedom (to the right) to subjective rights at his discretion within the law.

Kikinchuk V.V.
Criminalistics Classification of Crimes, Related with the Use of Budgetary Facilities in an Agroindustrial Complex
The value of criminalistics classification is reflected in forming of separate methods of investigation. Taking into account the complex going near the criminalistics study of crimes, related with the use of budgetary facilities in an agroindustrial complex, their classification is carried out.

Karaban Yа.
Execution of Civil of Monetary Obligations
The paper analyzes the situation of civil and commercial law, determining the order of execution of monetary obligations, in particular, the performance of the currency, the order of repayment osuschestvennym on delivery of the creditor, if such requirements within this commitment, there are several. Discusses the principles of proper and specific performance in relation to monetary obligations.

Karanikola L.
Concept and Signs of Murder
In this work the concept "murder" is investigated and appropriate features are analyzed. Specified, that by the signs of murder, in accordance with a current criminal legislation, there are intention, illegality, consequence as death of other human, on the basis of what an act perfect confesses murder with intention (direct or indirect), responsibility for murder is contained in the Criminal code of Ukraine, this act can be accomplished from the moment of beginning of physiological childbirth to the article of biological death. The position is justified concerning inexpediency using of a sign "illegality" in definition of analyzed concept, on the basis of that sign "illegality" is the sign of any crime, coming from determination of this concept which is contained in p. 1 art. 11 the Criminal code of Ukraine. Author's definition of the concept "murder" is given in accordance with which under murder intentional privation of life of other human is understood.

Korshikov M. V.
Modern Problems of Producing for Identification and Classification of his Kinds
The modern theoretical and practical questions of tactics of producing are examined for recognition. Problems that heaved up by an author touch determination of recognition as equation of object after his ideal character, classifications of recognition on kinds.

Kraynyuk V. G.
Zalog for Safe Custody in the Criminal Legal Proceeding
In the article essence and basic directions of application of mortgage is examined as measures of suppression are in the criminal legal proceeding. Rozlyadaet'sya historical aspects of mortgage, concordantly to the Russian pre-revolution legislation. Modern application of mortgage on the Ukrainian legislation, psychological, material and other aspects of the use of mortgages for the state, society, accused persons.

Leonenko I. V.
The Procedural Form of Exemption from Criminal Responsibility on the Grounds, Stipulated by the Special Part of the Criminal Code of Ukraine
The article considers the procedural form of exemption from criminal liability as a structural part of the current of the CPC of Ukraine. It is noted necessity to distinguish between discretionary and special grounds for exempting a person from criminal responsibility provided for by the criminal code of Ukraine.

Makarov A.
Plea Agreement: Innovations LF Ukraine
The article deals with the problematic issues of the criminal procedural legislation of Ukraine Institute of the plea agreement and identifies the major perspectives of the process.

Nimetulaeva S. S.
Dwork Orphan Courts of the Tavricheskoy Province on Organization of Guardianship, Use and Transmission in the Public Domain of Property of Emigrants of Crimean Tatars in ХIХ in.
In the article activity of orphan courts of the Tavricheskoy province is examined on organization of guardianship, use and transmission in the public domain of property of emigrants of Crimean Tatars in the second half ХIХ in. Specified, that they operated together with other organs of guardianship, such as Nobiliary guardianships and Tavricheskoe Moslem Spiritual Rule are in the questions of exposure, use and transmission in the public domain of emigrating Crimean Tatars.

Plevako V.
New Standards of Arbitration Managers
The article examines the legal status of the arbitration manager associated with the upgrade of bankruptcy legislation, regulatory shortcomings identified and developed ways to address them.

Pletnev O. V.
Role and Place of Law Enforcement Bodies of Special Purpose in System of Forces of Protection of the Law and Order
In article features and essence of official-military activity of law enforcement bodies of special purpose are found out. It is established its role and place in system of forces of protection of the law and order, forms and methods of its official-military activity, and also tactical features are in details characterized.

Polyanskaya G. S.
Methodological Bases of Criminalistics Diagnostics and its Value in Criminal Procedure
The article is devoted illumination of methodological bases of criminalistics diagnostics as independent studies in criminalistics. On the basis of determinations of concept and essence of criminalistics diagnostics, offered domestic and foreign scientists, an attempt to comprehend the place of criminalistics diagnostics in opening and investigation of criminal offences is undertaken.

Pomazan S.G.
Criminalistics of Problem of Investigation of Intentional Murders at Exceeding of Limits of Necessary Defensive or in Excess of Measures Necessary for Detention of Criminal
The article deals with the issues of criminological qualification of the circumstances and ways of premeditated murder. The author ventures to describe ways of committing premeditated murders, considering modern structure and criminal circumstances of the scene of action and crime solving.

Sibileva A. Yu.
Pravovye Bases of Creation and Activity of Floating Prisons in Sevastopol
In the article of examined legal frameworks of creation and activity of such form of prison establishments are in Russian of empire, as floating prison in town Sevastopol in 1883 Basic directions of its activity is indicated, device, official order, subordination, mutual relations of office workers and prisoners. It is set that such specific form of prisons – floating, was caused to living by the specific terms of rapid renewal in Sevastopol of base of the black Sea fleet at the end of ХIХ in.

Filonenko A. G.
Sledy Avoiding Payment of Income Tax
The features of track picture of avoiding payment of income tax are examined in the article. It is set that objects, documents and tracks of memory of man, come forward the basic transmitters of tracks of tax crimes, содержащи екриминалистически meaningful information about avoiding payment of taxes. By an author separately in detail analysed each of types of transmitters of tracks of deviation from уплатыналога on an income.

Khudoba V.N.
Explanatory Statements of the Plenum of Supreme Court on the Problem of Statutory Regulation
In a scientific article based on an analysis of the provisions of the Constitution, laws, litigation, generally accepted principles of international law, developed the practice of the European Court of Human Rights to investigate features of participation in court in civil cases in a videoconference. The study concluded that the need to improve civil procedural law regarding participation in the hearing by videoconference and therefore made proposals.

Scientific Notes of Tavrida National V.I. Vernadsky University
Basic questions are in-process considered, in relation to the results of investigation experiment. Theoretical basis of authenticity and probability is analysed. A difference is expounded between authenticity and probability which explains, why conclusions from the results of investigation experiment can serve confirmations or refutations of versions, when they are reliable.

Shkol'na N. I.
Becoming and Development of the Pension Fund of Ukraine in System of the Central Enforcement Authorities
In article the basic elements of an administrative-legal status of the Pension Fund of Ukraine, and also stages of becoming and development of the last in system of the central enforcement authorities are considered. The basic attention is given to finding-out of the mechanism of interaction of the Pension Fund of Ukraine with other authorized subjects, and also it's administrative-jurisdictional powers.

A. Yaroshevskaya.
The Main Approaches to Indentifying Contract Parts for Legal Services are Analyzed
The author makes a conclusion that accadiny to the legislation of Ukraine any legal subject of civil relations can be executive legal service. The only exceptions are special requirements which are presented the status of a lawyer. At the same time providing of legal services are possible out of advocacy. Such legal legislation practice of Ukraine does not need necessary status restrictions. Key words: contract for legal services, parts of contract, rules of advocacy ethic.