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Vol. 19 (58) № 2. 2006
Juridical Sciences

A.A. Andreev
Author shows relation between methods of investigation of definite type of crimes, corpus delicti, a subject of proving and typical situations of investigation
The article highlights a necessity of development of methods of investigation of murders, committed by juveniles, as a type of individual methods of investigation crimes against person's life and health. Author also researches main directions of investigation of such crimes.

A.N. Anokhin, V.Yu. Gankevich
To the Problem about Legal Framework Khadysov Ymam the Al' –Bukhary
Problems related to research of sources of moslem law, works of classics of sharyata and fykkha, prospects of the use of methodology of comparative jurisprudence are examined. The special attention is spared khadysam, second after Koran to the source of moslem law, their value for modern legal science.

V.M. Bevzenko
On the grounds of investigation of the works of scientists-lawyers,
and proceeding from the statutes of valid legislation, in the given article is introduced the legislative nature of the principles of state regulation. Specifically, on the basic of such analysis the substantial features of principles of state regulation are presented. The meaning of that principles, their kind and contents of each of them are also analyzed, including the characteristic of the role of general and special principles in the process of state regulation.

V.A. Bugaiov, A.A. Serova
Criminal Punish Ability Peculiarities of Military Offence
Specific signs of punish ability, typical of military offences that are defined by Part XIX, Special Part of Criminal Code, are analyzed in this article. Two aspects are singled out, i.e. peculiarities of inflicting common military punishments, fixed in art.51 of the Criminal Code and inflicting specific military punishments which can be inflicted only to military service men.

E.V. Burlay
On the Problem of Possible Semantic and Etymological Meaning of the Term "Law"
In author's opinion deep and adequate understanding of the term may be the way to correct and substantial knowledge about the subject named by this term. Basing on the investigation of the meaning of the Slavic term "pravo" (law) the author makes an effort to prove his view of genesis of law and its adequate notions. The author insists that the notion "law" is an abstraction which meaning absorbs a different historical and social experience of conflicts peaceful resolution by the unique way of arbitration between formally equal parties.

Y.N. Dmitrienko
The Formula of the Rate of the Right beside Contexts of the New Theory of the Legal Consciousness
Formula of the rate of the right is offered in article for the first time.

A.A. Gavrylenko
The Concept and Norms of the Property Right in the Antique States of the Northern Black Sea Coastland (the end of the VII century up to AD - first half of the VI century)
The article is devoted to consideration of prominent features of the property right in the antique states of the Northern Black Sea Coastland - Hersones, Olbia, Tira, Bosporean kingdom. On the basis of the analysis of narrative and epigraphical sources were determined its objects and subjects. The carried out analysis has allowed to reveal common features and peculiarities of property right of Boreal Prichernomorye states in comparison with the Greek mother countries.

N.V. Ganzha
To the Problem of Structure of Regulations Verkhovna Rada of Autonomous Republic of Crimea
The article gives the analysis of structure and content of Regulation norms of Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, as one of scantily investigated sources of the Constitutional Law of Ukraine.

Ye.V. Gubanova
In this article the characteristic of the rape as a prepense crime is given.
It is necessary to establish the significance of malice prepense at the analysis of the subjective side of the rape. The peculiarities of establishment of malice prepense at committing qualified rapes, particularly, it concerns the rapes of minors, are come out.

O.R. Gulina
The European Mechanism of Human Rights Protection: Analysis of its Using Practice in Ukraine and Russia
The Rights and Freedom are one of fundamental problems in the new "European" countries. East and the Central Europe, survived an epoch of unprecedented reforms, aspire to an establishment democratic building in the western style which is inconceivable without the legal institutes which are putting into practice idea of a lawful state. The one of sources of knowledge for formed democracies of the East Europe can become a case law of the European Court in Strasbourg and evolved on its ground interpretation of the human rights and civil freedom. This clause is addressed first to lawyers and mass media representatives, those who can become a conductor of knowledge of the human rights mechanism protection, working in the Europe more than fifty three years.

A.A. Kanov
Ecological Aspects of Economic Politics of the State
In clause the necessity of formation of the concept of economic politics of the state for the relation to an environment is considered, it is marked, that the ecological component has not borrow in her of a worthy place. Some fundamental approaches of development of ecological bases of modern economic politics of the state are formulated.

A.V. Kostruba
The thesis is dedicated to researching of the Bill of lading.
The manuscript gives the legal characteristic on the Civil law of the Bill of lading in the doctrine, its notion, the requisites of the Bill of lading and the classification of its kind is done as well. Special attention is paid to the problems of Bill of lading relations. The question of issuing, distributing and cashing is considered in details. The functional meaning of the Bill of lading is formulated. The drawbacks in lawful regulating of the relation of the Bill of lading are pointed out. The proposals on their clearing and improving of the present Civil legislation, are moved.

V.V. Lavrov, V.V. Bobkov
In this Publication the Authors Introduced a Historical Reconstruction of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Crimean M.V. Frunze University
In 1920-1921 this faculty conducted the training of future lawyers. The elaboration is based on the documents drawn from the funds of the Autonomous Rupublic of Crimea and Russian Federation archives as well as on the periodical press information.

D.V. Pashnev
Properties of Computer Information and Feature of Collecting of Computer Tracks
Properties of computer information as proofs and in this connection positive and negative features of process of collecting and research of tracks of computer crimes are examined in the article.

V.N. Pashchenja
To a Question of Participation of Bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor and Court on Korenizaziya in Crimean АССР in 1920th
One of the most important bodies of the state construction in Crimean АССР which required in korenizaziya, were Office of Public Prosecutor and court as most close connected with people. During imperial time the court was managed by representatives of Russian nobility, it is natural in interests of the propertied classes. Feature of Crimea was also that in the Tatar village this problem solved, partially, Muslim clergy on the basis of laws of Sheriyat, besides, as a rule, in interests of a prosperous part. With the statement of the Soviet authority, in Crimea process of creation of new system of court and Office of Public Prosecutor in interests and from among representatives of workers of all nationalities, first of all its radical part has begun. The purpose of given clause is the analysis of a course of creation and korenizaziya the Soviet system of court and Office of Public Prosecutor Crimean АССР in 1920th.

I.I. Polyakov
Theory of Understanding of Legal Relations Object Essence
This scientific article is devoted to the theories of understanding of legal relations object essence. There are two main theories dealing with this question. They are: monist doctrine (the theory of unified objects) and plurilateral doctrine (the theory of objects plurality). Coming from the first theory, the object of legal relations must have abilities to react to legal influence. In view of the fact, that only human behavior is capable of this, it must be admitted as an object of rights and duties. In its turn, plurilateral doctrine of legal relations object really reflects the variety of existing legal relations and it is based on the facts. It gives possibility to show the diversity of legal relations object, not reducing them only to the behavior of the obliged person.

E.I. Rovinskaya
Actual Questions of Corporative Management in Bank and other Non-Bank Financial Institutions
The increasing of the level of corporative management will allow the banks and non-bank financial institutions to solve the problem of the "unscrupulous" creditors and strengthen trust of potential counteragent (depositors, borrower). As a result, assessment of credit resources will become more rational among banks and non-bank financial companies that will give a chance to the economics of the country to come out to the trajectory of steady growth. Furthermore, all interested party will win from the creation of the appropriate system of corporative administration.

I.N. Rozumovitch
Legal Problems of Organization and Conduction of Ecological Audit of Objects of Heightened Danger at their Privatization and Bankruptcy
The article is dedicated to the research of legal problems of organization and conduction of ecological audit of objects of heightened danger at their privatization and bankruptcy. Modern condition of legislation of privatization and bankruptcy is studied from the viewpoint of conduction of ecological audit in these processes, its drawbacks are revealed. The significant place in the article is occupied by the propositions of alternating the current legislation of Ukraine.

L.T. Ryskel'dieva
Concept «Annoyance» and «Useful Advices» in J.Bentham's Deontology
The given article reconstructs the context of the basic concept of the normative and practical part of J. Bentham's study usage, the concept of annoyance. He is set by the critical attitude of deontology's founder towards the idea of duty and also by his attempt to formulate moral principles in the "gentlest" form, in form of advice.

T.A. Shklyar
The fundamental provision of legal system of Ukraine has been considered in the article
The views on the concept of "legal system of society", elements and components of the legal system, types and function contents has been classified and analyzed and explored.

Yu.V. Skakun
Legal Fundamentals of Financing Expenses of Recreational Enterprises of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea in Contemporary Condition
The thesis contains the analysis of legal regulation of financing expenses of recreational enterprises both for the budget of different levels and for the alternate sources of financing. Considered is an influence of management system, formed in frame of the present theses, on financing of recreational enterprises with their own accommodation base. In this thesis analyzed is the present state of scientific research of the problem of financing recreation as an independent field of economy.

O.V. Skvortsova
In this article the search of criteria of differentiation of illegal wood felling as the crime and as the administrative delinquency is realized
The base of criminal and administrative amenability, the signs and the peculiarities of corpora of given aspects of delinquencies are chosen. The conclusion is such that the limit between the crimes and the administrative delinquencies, to a certain extent, is relative and mobile.

A.V. Starizyn
This article examinates military functions of crimean-tatar guards subdivisions Employees were engaged in execution of functions on protecting lives of highest officials of the state during hostilities. Besides, crimean-tatar guardsmen were used as regulars in battle operations.

A.A. Timoschuk
Autonomy is the Structural Principle of Spanish State
According to the state system contemporary Spain is indivisible. At the same moment it is composed from different autonomous regions. The embodiment of the principle of autonomy gives a possibility to settle national contradictions of spanish people in the borders of indivisible state.

Yu.M. Tluschak
The Tax Apparate of Gabsburg Monarchy in Zakarpatie
The article describes historical reasons of standing and development, organization and activity of the Gabsburgs monarchy fiscal system in Zakarpatie.

S.A. Zaulochnaya
Political and Legal Prerequisites for the Formation of the Crimean Autonomy Major political and legal prerequisites for the formation of the Crimean autonomy in 1921 are dealt with. Brief analysis of historiography pertaining to the issue has been provided.